Introduction and Goal Setting for Men

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Life Renewed International realizes and understands that recovery steps are not a new invention. We adapted some of the Life Renewed Step by Step for Men after the review of several successful programs of recovery, research and input from those families of first responders facing the challenge of work-related service.

In acknowledgment of the great work other step programs have pioneered over the years, it is with profound humility that Code Blue thanks those who have blazed the trail.

The Life Renewed™ Code Blue™ Program and the results of its computer-generated Quality of Life Assessment™ software analyses are not substitutes for professional clinical or medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.  Participants in the program and those reviewing the results associated with it therefore should always consult with a doctor or other health care professional for medical advice or information about diagnosis and treatment.  Neither Life Renewed™ nor any other party involved in creating, producing, or delivering the Code Blue™ program shall be liable for any damages, including without limitation, direct, incidental, consequential, indirect, or punitive damages, arising out of failure to consult health care professionals.

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Code Blue - Step by Step for Men


Pain is a great teacher. Yet the greatest teacher imparts little wisdom if one has not the eyes to see and ears to hear.

A helpful way to address this concern is to consider the following spiritual assumptions about trauma and pain:

“I write this so that we may benefit from our suffering and triumph over our pain… and in the process become better, stronger, warmer, more compassionate, deeper, happier human beings - realizing that the ultimate value of pain reduction is not comfort, but growth". Glenn R. Schiraldi, (2000)

Emergency Responders…if we don't work through the emotions around trauma and stress, they will gradually "eat us up" to the point where many aspects of our life will be negatively impacted – forever. The moment to change is now, not tomorrow.

The only requirement to attend the Code Blue Community program is the desire and willingness to change your negative thinking and self-destructive behavior. If you are open and willing to listen to others and the Life Coaches and the steps they took to create better lives for themselves − you are off to a good start.

Let’s begin with first things first…making the Commitment … finding a Purpose:


Setting Goals


Begin identifying needs and setting goals at your first meeting with your life coach. Set one goal at a time in the beginning. Determine the steps that must be taken to achieve your goal.

Not all the measurable steps need to be written, or decided upon, at the beginning of the goal.  Measurable steps are the pathways that will take you to your ultimate goal/success. You have a place to record measurable steps for each goal.


Set Measurable Steps That Are Attainable

Measurable steps are activities that you can do by yourself in order to achieve your goal. Setting steps that are unrealistic, and that you will not be able to achieve will not be helpful. Since goals and steps are personal, you will have to decide what you need and what you can/will do. Your life coach can advise you.



Sample Goal Setting Form










NOTE:  You may want to keep a notebook to record your answers to questions.